Body Detox
Powerful herbal detox cleansing product in 6 convenient and easy-to-use capsules. 1 day supply to take prior to detoxing with Ready clean or Xxtra clean detox products.

Powerful herbal cleansing personal detox in easy-to-use capsules - 1 month's supply of detox capsules.

The ingredients in Valeís Perma-Clean detoxification pills have been traditionally consumed to aid the liver in the elimination of toxins and to help promote healthy liver function. Perma-Clean is a combination of two detoxifying formulas dispensed by healthcare professionals to help their patients with deep cellular cleansing and detoxification. A combination of Milk Thistle and Burdock Root helps to promote the healthy liver function so crucial to the bodyís natural detoxification process. Nutritionally balanced, this product is gentle on the system to ensure your comfort and safety while detoxifying.   **OUT OF STOCK**

Stinger Detox's unique mouthwash formulation provides a powerful cleanser with a great tasting flavor.

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