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Freaky's is your Denver Bong Source!  High end, entry level, you name it, we have the bongs you need.
13" Clear Beaker Bong. Not too big, not too small, and a true classic. This piece comes with a glass on glass downstem with a 14mm male bowl. 

Glass Lab Beaker Lace Perc is a mix of traditional shape but with new and improved percolation happening. This rig comes with a 4mm thick 14mm male banger for all of your essential oil needs. Made in USA

7" Inline Perc Bub Made locally in Colorado. With its thick base it makes this great for an E-nail rig. 90* 14mm Female. Comes with multi pinch flower bowl.

The HBG direct inject slit cone perc is a great combonation of function and fasion. With the slits around the cone of the perc it creates great stacks of bubbles. The mouthpiece has a wicked cool 4 hole design for a great look and to make sure there is no splash back what-so-ever. This piece is great for any herbal or oil needs and comes with a 18mm male bowl. 

A 10" Turbine/Shower head tube with a thick and wide base. Great for any Party.

HVY Glass 11" Beaker come with a 6 slit cut downstem for ultimate percolation and a 14mm male glass on glass bowl. Made in USA.

The Gas Mask Bong is ideal for that epic party coming up.The gas mask is detachable making it a breeze to clean. There are 5 straps on the head piece and the bong comes with a metal bowl and downstem.

MII Large Stratus

ROOR 14" Snapper Bong

Hvy Glass 10" Straight Tube features some beautiful fuming on the mouth piece and bottom. The base is thick and wide for sturdy standing. It comes with a 14mm bowl and downstem with a 6 slit diffy. Made is USA 

Beautiful Jerome Baker Bong with hand made turtle, with ocean waves design.  This is locally made in Colorado, by one of the original and still among the best, Jerome Baker!

13″ Silicone Water Pipe. The Food grade silicone breaks down into 2 pieces for easy travel and cleaning. Included with it comes a 14mm Glass on Glass bowl.

13″ Glow-In-The-Dark Silicone Water Pipe. The Food grade silicone breaks down into 2 pieces for easy travel and cleaning. Included with it comes a 14mm Glass on Glass bowl.

The Eyce Mold and Accessory Kit is everything you need to freeze your very own bong water pipes at home. The kit comes with everything you need to make your own bongs, with the Silicone Mold, Core Pin, Grommet, Down Stem, Mouth Piece, Stand and User Manual. (Slide not included). These 6 pieces create a revolutionary new kit that is the first of it's kind. Everyone owns a glass water pipe, now is your chance to get creative and be the first to own a water pipe completely made out of ice! Not only is Eyce fun and exciting to use, but our water pipe's deliver the coldest, smoothest, cleanest smoke imaginable. All Eyce products are high quality and long lasting. Discover the possibilities for yourself, and give this one of a kind water pipe a try!

This Bong sits about 1.5 feet tall, made locally and we need to get 'em out a here!


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